Watch online: webinar on how floating offshore wind can help Europe go climate-neutral

Floating offshore wind has a huge potential which remains largely unexploited. Massive amounts of wind resources exist in deep waters (+60m) where an estimated potential capacity of 4000 GW could be installed. This would open the door to offshore wind installations for countries such as Norway, Spain or Portugal.

One of the main drawbacks hindering floating offshore wind expansion is cost. This technology is still relatively expensive with a LCOE well above bottom fix technology. Innovative responses to key challenges on mooring and anchoring technology, power cables interconnection and O&M strategies are essential to pave the way for cost-competitive floating offshore wind.

This workshop-style webinar explored some of the solutions to these challenges together with experts, practitioners and captains of industry with insights from the COREWIND project (COst REduction and Increase Performance of floating WIND technology).

Download the webinar presentation slides:

  • Introduction to COREWIND
  • Definition of the IEA 15 MW wind turbine and its use in COREWIND
  • Coupled analysis and optimization strategies for FOWT mooring and dynamic cable design
  • Pathway to cost reduction in floating wind technology
  • The role of offshore wind in the European Green Deal
  • Watch the full webinar here:

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