9 February 2022 – Webinar: Breakthrough research for floating wind

Floating offshore wind is no longer consigned to the laboratory: it’s a viable technology ready to be rolled out on an industrial scale.

πŸ“† 9 February 2022 πŸ•° 10:00-11:30 CET

Not only has the technology for floating offshore wind reached maturity, costs are also predicted to plummet with the development of the first commercial projects. The COREWIND project provides disruptive and cost-effective solutions for floating offshore wind technology, leading to costs lower than 100€/MWh.

This innovative project is developing research, modelling and optimization for concrete-based semi-submersible and spar floating structures concepts. Join floating offshore experts from IREC, INNOSEA, Ramboll, IHCantabria and other partners in COREWIND to know more!

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This webinar was organised in the framework of the Work Package 8 as part of the events and workshops to be organised by the COREWIND project. Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, this event took place online.

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